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About Us

GlobeCas is the World's first integrated entertainment platform connecting land-based casinos throughout the world to livestream their real-time dealer games. We provide a perfect solution to simplify the process of land-based casinos making the move to an online format while minimizing the cost.
Together with our GlobeCas Token (GCT), a utility token that will solve most of the transaction issues, players can enjoy gaming worldwide.

2008Acquired Remote License from UKGC
2010Developed Live Dealing Games
2012Developed Sportsbook
2013Developed Slot Machines
2014Developed Casino RNG Games
2015Developed Chinese Style Games
2016 - 2017Developed full features Poker games
2018Implementation of Blockchain


A Credible Team with An Incredible Idea

By partnering with brick and mortar casinos in different countries, players can visit casinos worldwide with their computers or mobile devices, all in real time! Together with our well-developed casinos games, GlobeCas will completely reform the gaming industry. Based on 13 years of solid business experience and the deep analysis of the crypto-world, GlobeCas will be the leading example in how this industry is meant to be.
  • Began as a gaming consulting firm
  • Licensed by the UKGC
  • Operated own Software Developing Houses in the UK, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Became a casino games supplier
  • Acted as a solution provider to some famous casino brands
  • Built two very strong sales and marketing teams in Europe and Asia respectively
  • Several land-based casinos agreed to join GlobeCas platform

Competitive Analysis

UK Tier 1
UK Tier 1
Develop live dealer games platform in land-based casinos
Provide crypto compatible gaming software to their partner
Provide iGaming platform to their partner
Provide crypto compatible gaming software to their partner
Provide crypto compatible gaming software to their partner
Experience (years)
Unsold Token

More than a WIN-WIN Situation

In the gaming industry, both the land-based casinos and the online players face many challenges on multiple fronts. With the ongoing popularity of the online casinos, land-based casinos would be slowly replaced. On the other hand, many online players find that playing online simply does not offer the same experience of playing in a land-based casino. Our company GlobeCas, rises in response to these challenges and provides a full solution.

Land-based casino

  • Providing a turnkey solution for land-based casinos to go online effectively and economically
  • Covering the licensing and compliance issues by our UKGC Operating License
  • Providing the initial equipment setup, gaming software, customer services and technical support package services
  • Using GCT as the standardize settlement method that replace the old traditional ways which often come with difficulties


  • Driving the GCT demand by a range of promotional activities
  • Holding tournaments, regular lottery events and lucky draws to enhance excitement
  • Buying GCT for settlement by partnered land-based casinos
  • Signing a number of land-based casinos in a short period of time with our strong sales and marketing teams


  • Enjoying land-based casino games comfortably at home or via their mobile devices without visiting the real casinos
  • Playing live dealer games with a sense of reality instead of monotonous computerized casino games
  • Using GCT as the deposit and withdrawal method to avoid time-consuming and expensive traditional payment methods
  • Triple guarantee of trust and fairness by the proof of the licenses, blockchain technology implementation and the credibility of live dealer games


We are regulated by the UKGC


Tested and certified for security and fairness by a third-party accredited software laboratory


GCT alongside blockchain technology provides a high level of transparency and trust


GCT is built with ERC20 standard and will be available for sale around the world


We are registered for the UK Data Protection Act to protect personal data


GCT will be the official currency for all casinos within the GlobeCas network.

GlobeCas will create a total of 20,000,000,000 GCT. 40% of the GCT will be put in a cold wallet and locked by smart contract for a certain period, 45% (9,000,000,000 GCT) will be on sale during the crowdsale period. The rest of 15% will be used for the project. The start and end date of each period will be released soon.
Total Token SoldBonusExchange Rate including Bonus
0% - 15%+ 35%1 USD = 218.7 GCT
> 15% - 30%+ 30%1 USD = 210.6 GCT
> 30% - 50%+ 25%1 USD = 202.5 GCT
> 50% - 75%+ 20%1 USD = 194.4 GCT
> 75% - 100%+ 10%1 USD = 178.2 GCT
Original Price: 1 USD = 162 GCT

Funds Allocation

  • Purchase of Land-Based Casino - 30%
  • Product Development & Maintenance - 20%
  • Legal, Advisory & Compliance - 5%
  • Marketing / Advertisement - 20%
  • Business Growth & Development - 15%
  • Operation - 10%

GCT Allocation

  • Casino Bank Reserve - 40%
  • Team - 10%
  • Sale - 45%
  • Bounty Program - 5%


May – Oct 2018
Crowdsale Program VIP sale > Pre-ICO > ICO
Nov 2018
Cryptocurrency Exchange List on different exchange platforms
Jan 2019
GlobeCas Entertainment Platform Soft launch with our well-developed full feature poker and RNG games
Feb – Apr 2019
Land-based Casino Prototype Purchase a UK land-based casino and implement live broadcast technologies for instant live dealer streaming
Implementation Connect three UK land-based casinos, who we have dealt in advance
May – June 2019
Enhancements Integrate our complete Sportsbook into the GlobeCas platform
July 2019
More Land-based Casinos to Join 1st Year – at least 15 land-based casinos
2nd Year – at least 50 land-based casinos
Aug 2019 - 2021
Worldwide licenses Our team will apply for a worldwide gaming license to suit our ambitious expansion
Aug 2019 - 2021

Team Members

Mr. Ken Au Yeung
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mr. Ken Au YeungChief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mr. Au Yeung is a business-oriented person with 10 years of software development experience in multiple areas of gaming systems, including but not limited to software architecture design, the creation of front and backend, implementation of game mechanics and database. Mr. Au Yeung's main responsibility is to make sure the company's technology strategy serves towards the business direction and he is leading a team of IT developers, multimedia designers, and testers to develop the GlobeCas platform.

Mr. Au Yeung holds a computer science degree in University of Toronto, Canada. He is a registered IT professional in UKGC and has developed more than 100+ games with his team over the decade.

Mr. Nathaniel Wong
Director of Product Management

Mr. Nathaniel WongDirector of Product Management

Mr. Wong is highly experienced in product development with excellent management skills. He oversees day-to-day operations of the Casino. He is working closely with marketing and senior management to define and develop the Casino strategy.

Mr. Wilson Man
Online Marketing Director

Mr. Wilson ManOnline Marketing Director

Knowledgeable and experienced with measuring performance of direct and online marketing campaigns, He is an advertising expert on Google, Yahoo and other advertising platforms. Mr. Man will be leading a team for online campaigns, closing deals through negotiation, campaign management and marketing.

Mr. Victor Yu
Head of Security Audit and Risk Management

Mr. Victor YuHead of Security Audit and Risk Management

Experienced in software development background, firewall management and ethical hacking, Mr. Yu's responsibility is to ensure good security measures are in place, including the protection of clients' data, monitoring the network to prevent abnormal activities or any potential exploits from hackers.

Mr. Scott Thomas
Online Business Strategy & Digital Marketing Expert

Mr. Scott ThomasOnline Business Strategy & Digital Marketing Expert

Mr. Thomas is familiar with cryptocurrency from the ground up to how it works in principle. Scott has been a digital marketing consultant for 5 years and has helped various companies acquire more customers to create a competitive online presence. Mr. Thomas will be working with a team of designers to develop a cutting-edge design to strengthen our brand online.


Mr. John Van der Vos
ICO Advisor and Compliance Professional

Mr. John Van der VosICO Advisor and Compliance Professional

John is a FCA accredited professional with CF1 & CF30 functioned in the financial sector. He has vast knowledge and experience in ICO with great connections to the cryptocurrency investors. John will be working with GlobeCas for the success of the project.

Mr. William Cartmell
Lawyer, Legal Advisor

Mr. William CartmellLawyer, Legal Advisor

Mr. Cartmell is our legal advisor with great knowledge in cryptocurrency regulations around the world. He provides information and advises with regards to the regulatory compliance, legal risk, taxation and structure of the company to prepare the growth in the potential markets.

Mr. Faisel Shuib
On-Chain & Off-Chain Security Advisor

Mr. Faisel ShuibOn-Chain & Off-Chain Security Advisor

Mr. Shuib is a qualified and experienced cyber security professional with years of experience and knowledge of ethical hacking. Mr. Shuib will ensure GlobeCas's system is secure and invulnerable from hacking or cyber-attacks.


Q.What is GCT?
A.GCT is a cryptocurrency under the ERC20 standard. This token will be widely used on the GlobeCas platform where casinos from across the world have joined. Players can enjoy gaming in these casinos using GCT without the worry of handling different currencies such as USD or EUR or GBP. GCT is used to standardise the gaming currencies by replacing the role of traditional payment methods.
Q.Where will GCT be purchased or traded?
A.GCT tokens can be purchased during the Crowdsale period. Anyone interested in acquiring GCT during the Crowdsale period must register as whitelist member, earning great discounts in return.
When the Crowdsale is over, GCT will be available for trading in the exchange. It is our goal to enter as many crypto-currency exchanges as possible. The list of exchanges available for GCT trading will be released on our ICO website or sent to our whitelisted member via email.
Q.How many GCT are available in the crowdsale period?
A.During the Crowdsale period, 8,100,000,000 GCT or 40.5% of the total tokens will be on public sale. Any unsold token will be airdropped proportionally to those who have participated in our Pre-ICO and ICO. This is to maximize the reward to the supporters.
Q.Who can purchase GCT in the crowdsale period?
A.We welcome everyone to participate in our Crowdsale period. For compliance and Anti money laundering checks, anyone who would like to participate in our Crowdsale period must register and become a whitelisted member. Our approved whitelisted members will be eligible to purchase GCT during our Pre-ICO and ICO period.
Q.How long is the locking period for GCT?
A.GCT will be delivered to the investor's GlobeCas account shortly after successful purchase. Investors can log in to check the GCT balance. After the end of ICO, the tokens will be transferred to the investor's registered wallet.
Q.Are any bounty programmes in place for GCT?
A.Yes, we have a list of bounty programmes to keep our communities excited. The details of these programmes will be available in our ICO website or to be announce in our community groups. Please join our community group of more information.
Q.Is GCT legal?
A.As a utility token GCT is safe and legal. It contains its value and can be traded in exchange to show that it has a role in the market. No evidence indicates that cryptocurrency is illegal, but some regulations may be applied in the future which is good news for GCT.
Our GlobeCas team have much knowledge and experience in compliance regulation. We Plan for GCT to be one of the largest Cryto-Currencies on the market, helping to eliminate scam tokens in the process.
Q.What is GlobeCas?
A.GlobeCas is undoubtedly one of the most regulated companies in the gaming industry. We have absolutely noticed the concerns raised by investors about uncountable scams and frauds in many ICO's. Comparing against these, we are a licensed company with the UK Remote License issued by the UKGC. This license is the most recognised license in the industry which clearly shows GlobeCas is operating with sufficient capital, along with full compliance including knowledge and experience.
With the business size, GlobeCas plans to obtain additional licenses around the world. Being a company with licenses and all available technologies, we plan to take one step further to link up the gaming industry and the crypto-world. A complex crypto-based gaming platform will be developed to create a win-win situation between GlobeCas and the land-based casinos. GlobeCas's technology will bring all the land-based casino into one platform to become the biggest casino in the world and lead the industry.
Q.What are the reasons of investing in GlobeCas ICO?
A.Frauds and scams can be found everywhere in the ICO world. There is no doubt that governments have raised the awareness of this ICO issue and plan to restrict ICO activities. As people gain more knowledge and experience in selecting their investment, GlobeCas is certainly one of the best choices, due to its license, assets and experience. GlobeCas is comparatively stronger than any casinos in the ICO market and this is proven by our history.
The license owned by GlobeCas is the proven that we are experienced and have been operating legally with our own financial support for nearly 10 years. Most ICO's in the market do not involve their own financial support and therefore can be considered as failing projects.
Because of this, GlobeCas is presenting the macro view of the gaming industry, our perspective includes both the land-based casinos, online casinos and end-users. With a proactive and comprehensive vision, we are the most unique company who will revolutionize the industry and benefit all parties in the process.